ISO 9001-2015

The coating line is a series of components that are typically manufactured by many different vendors I.e. roll coating heads, slot die coating heads, slot dies, curing ovens, winders and web handling equipment are all typically manufactured by different vendors with each vendor specializing in their specific equipment.

Microseal offers a coating line OEM service where we select the vendors that are best suited for the specific components. We do the final assembly and installation. We’ve been doing this for ourselves for 35 years but we offer our technology as well through consulting, purchasing, retro fitting, and installing equipment for you. Buying equipment from us takes the worry out because we can demonstrate the exact components on our production floor and start your equipment at our facility – get it running and de-bug it so when it ships to you, it’s been properly adjusted to preform according to your expectations.

Microseal specializes in building coating heads for Slot Die, Gravure and Micro-Gravure. Utilizing our tried and proven designs, we can engineer a coating head to fit your specific line and have it delivered to you in a very timely manner.