Converting Services

ISO 9001-2015

Microseal offers many different converting services that have been developed and refined over many years. Converting services offered allow a large ability of customization.

We offer many converting services such as laminating, slitting, die cutting/sheeting and winding. 


  • • We offer off-line laminating for both pressure sensitive and heat activated materials. We offer dry laminating, heat activated or pressure sensitive. We can laminate in line with our coating process, or we can laminate off line in a secondary converting step. Both heat activated and pressure sensitive materials. We can zone laminate where the secondary web is die cut, slit, perforated or in combination with slitting or sheeting processes. We can customize our process to fit desired requirements.
  • Slitting
  • • Microseal has many different slitting techniques. We can edge trim material to the exact width needed directly off of our coating line. We can sub-slit coated and laminated substrates off-line to prepare rolls for post processing.
  • • Sub-slitting and rewinding can be done in conjunction with automated web inspection.
  • • Sub-slit materials can be slit into rolls as narrow as 2mm. Lengths and diameters are made to suit post processing needs or final requirements. Slit widths can be held to very tight tolerances +/- .0005. We have laser micrometer with in-line width verification along with additional vision inspection. We have many different types of slitting i.e. razor, score, rotary sheer and hot knife. We also have precision tooling, slitting cartridges, and a high degree of customization.
  • • Razor
  • • Hot Knife
  • • Rotary Sheer
  • • Score
  • • Die Cutting and Sheeting
  • • Rotary Die Cutting
  • • Cookie Cutting
  • • Plotter Cutting
  • • Winding
  • • Center and Surface Winding
  • • Level Winding
  • • Tape converting

Automated Vision Inspection

Microseal’s automated vision inspection system is exceptionally accurate. Defects detected are classified through the system, ultimately giving us the ability to identify defects of any size during high throughput speeds.

Our state of the art inspection system consists of multiple high definition cameras that detect and categorize defects by type, size and location. In the case of a defect being located, we can provide a digital roll map corresponding with any defects. We can then audit material and/or provide flagging if further processing is necessary.