Coating Services

ISO 9001-2015

Microseal’s primary focus is offering coating services to fortune 500 companies. We have an extensive variety of coating capabilities such as slot die, roller coating, and gravure coating methods. We can also post meter via mayer rod or smoothing bar along with knife and blade coating techniques.

Slot Die Coating utilizes a positive displacement pump so that the exact amount of coating can be applied to a substrate without post metering. Typically it provides an extremely uniform coating profile. It is particularly well suited for heavy coat weights, volatile high viscosity coatings on film and paper substrates.

Direct Gravure utilizes an engraved anilox applicator roller to meter the amount of coating applied. Coating deposition is extremely precise as it will deposit only the amount that the cells in the engraved cylinder will allow.

Reverse Gravure utilizes an engraved anilox applicator roller. It is a Gravure method that operates in reverse. Coat weight is controlled by cell volume but also by the speed of the applicator roller. Reverse Gravure is extremely accurate and allows for the application of coatings with a very consistent and uniform profile. It is well suited for low viscosity coatings.

Micro-Gravure utilizes an engraved anilox applicator roller, however, the roller is significantly smaller than the roller used in other Gravure methods. Typically, Micro-Gravure operates in a reverse kiss configuration without a backup roll. This method is well suited for low viscosity coatings at extremely low coat weights.

Reverse Roll Coating utilizes a smooth, chrome-plated applicator roller. The coating deposition is determined by the gap between the applicator roller and the metering roller as well as the speed of the applicator roller.

Knife Over Roll Coating utilizes a knife mounted above a roller. The coat weight is determined by the gap between the knife and the roller. The web passes through the gap and the coating is deposited directly onto the web. Knife coating is well suited for fabric and laminate substrates and is often used in trials as the setup is typically simpler than other methods.

Kiss, Squeeze & Saturation Roll Coating utilizes a variety of smooth and rubber rollers to apply coatings through a kiss or dipping configuration.


Microseal offers an extensive variety of coated films, papers, non-woven and fabrics with performance properties such as static dissipative, conductive, anti-stat, heat seal, pressure-sensitive, and flame retardant. We utilize a variety of chemistries to formulate coatings and films to have specific performance properties. We can manufacture clear films and coatings with exceptional conductive properties regardless of temperature and humidity conditions.

Our coatings and films have been utilized in many applications, ranging from electronic component cases to transparency display screens. All of the products we make would have certificates of compliance and are made to exacting specifications.

We offer the following coatings by functionality:

  • • Anti-block coatings
  • • Antimicrobial coatings
  • • Antistatic coatings
  • • Barrier coatings
  • • Conductive coatings
  • • Corrosion Resistant coatings
  • • Flame Retardant coatings
  • • Heat-Seal coatings
  • • Insulate coating
  • • Light Filtering coatings
  • • Print Receptive coatings
  • • Porous/Non-Porous coatings
  • • Release coatings