Coating Services


Microseal Industries is a leader in laminating and coating services, successfully delivering the highest quality production, backed by comprehensive, ongoing research and development. Laminating and coating is not just a part of our business, it is our entire business. Our efforts are constantly focused on refining processes and developing new techniques to fulfill our customers’ requirements. In today’s atmosphere of unceasing demand for progress, increasing numbers of manufacturers are turning to Microseal Industries.

Substantial capital investment in technologically, advanced machinery and equipment combines with outstanding craftsmanship give us two distinct advantages. One is huge production capacity and the other a multitude of coating substrate capabilities for textiles, wovens, non-wovens, polymer films, paper, foil, foam, etc.


Slot Die coating/Mayer bar Coating/Various Gravure Coating Methods/Transfer Roll Coating/Reverse Roll Coating

Microseal has many coating methods, (ie Slot Die coating). Slot Die coating utilizes a positive displacement pump so that the exact amount of coating can be applied to a substrate without post metering. Typically it provides the best and the most uniform coating profile. It is particularly well suited for volatile high viscosity coating on film and paper substrates.

Meyer Bar coating is typically well suited for low viscosity coating along with gravure and reverse gravure. Transfer roll coating techniques are best suited for high viscosity coatings.

Microseal has developed an operating protocol that will enable us to quickly start up new processes.

We have the infrastructure to utilize adhesives and coatings with high VOC concentration. Our thermo regenerative oxidizer is continuously monitored and enables complete destruction efficiency of any VOC.


Anti-stat, static, dissipative, fire retardant, pressure sensitive, heat sealable, scratch resistant & many other specialty coatings.


Microseal offers a variety of both conductive static dissipative and anti stat technologies. WE utilize a variety of chemistries to formulate coatings and films to have specific surface resistivity properties. We can formulate to a broad spectrum of colors from whites and pastels, we can manufacture clear films and coatings as well, with exceptional conductive properties regardless of temperature and humidity conditions. The coatings we offer can be humid or non humidity dependent. Conductivity can range from static dissipative to fully conductive.

Our coatings and films have been utilized in many applications, ranging from electronic component cases to transparency display screens. All of the products we make would have certificates of compliance and are made to exacting specifications.


When we are determining the feasibility of a new process, pre-production trials prior to full scale processing are an integral part of our operations.


Our well equipped laboratory is able to test samples for conformity to specification, formulate custom coatings as well as analyze performance and results. Located within our manufacturing facility it is both the cornerstone of our quality assurance program and the bedrock of all developmental work.


Microseal Industries is a customer driven company, constantly developing new processes to meet evolving requirements. Often called upon at the conceptual stage, we work very closely in the design and development of new projects to help ensure the smoothest possible transition from concept to full scale production. Next time you face a manufacturing challenge hand us the opportunity to meet that challenge and we’ll run with it.