Microseal is a leading manufacturer of high-performance industrial tapes and specialty coated film. Since 1985 Microseal has been successfully delivering high quality coating services, backed by comprehensive, ongoing research and development to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Manufactured at our technologically advanced facility using specialized equipment, we can match almost any coating, film and adhesive. Our automated slitting, finishing and packing can be programmed to deliver tape in almost any width, length, core size and case quantity. Microseal is known for consistently delivering a quality product at competitive prices. Our quality assurance procedures guarantee the product we ship consistently meets the performance specifications of our customers.

Microseal Industries is ISO 9001-2015 certified and maintains high standards of manufacturing excellence. Microseal specializes in handling hazardous and flammable coatings. In our state of the art facility we have over 15 different coating methods, slitting and converting departments and we manufacture and compound our own adhesives & coatings as well as toll coating manufacturing. Our state of the art facility is in complete environmental compliance with the DEP and has continuous emission monitoring equipment that is second to none.

Q & A/ Development Laboratory

Our well-equipped laboratory and testing facility, located within our manufacturing facility, tests samples for conformity to specifications, formulates custom coatings, and analyzes performance and results. Our laboratory is the foundation of all developmental work as well as the cornerstone of our renowned quality assurance commitment.

Trial Runs Services

Pre-production trials are an integral part of our operations when determining the feasibility of a new process. These trials are run prior to full-scale processing.

Developmental Services

Microseal Industries is a customer-driven company. We are constantly developing new processes to meet evolving requirements. Often called upon at the conceptual stage,

We work very closely in the design and development of new projects to help ensure the smoothest possible transition from concept to full-scale production. When working with Microseal Industries, you’ll find that we become an extension of your team. We assess the needs of our clients and customize a tactical solution to the manufacturing specifications at hand. At Microseal Industries, we pride ourselves in transforming your manufacturing challenge into a solution that meets your specific application needs.